Small business website designers are a “dime a dozen.”  

Yes, that’s absolutely right...  Or is it?

small business website design services

There are certainly tens, if not hundreds of thousands of decent website designers from which to choose today, but as many have learned...The difference is in the results.

As you scour the Internet you will see websites of incredible beauty...Websites with awesome special effects...Websites that include outstanding graphic artistry...and so much more!

Unfortunately, the majority of these gorgeous works of art will never be viewed by potential customers, because those graphic artists had no idea how to finish the job and optimize that phenomenal looking website to be found by major search engines. 

Next Advantage Coaching offers you a tremendous combination of both worlds.

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When you hire Next Advantage Coaching to design your new website, rest assured “getting found” by the major search engines ranks numero uno in our mind...with the understanding that “ugly doesn’t sell”.

Just as with graphic artists, there are many search engine optimizers available who are very good at what they do, but have zero understanding of producing a work of art.  Yes, the websites they design will most assuredly get found by search engines, but those who view them don’t stick around to read the message.  Or they are not optimized for mobile. Ugly doesn’t sell.

Although the “web design geeks” rave about the value of “white space”, we at Nex Advantage Coaching believe that is an excuse for not having the expertise to create a website that is visually appealing and causes viewers to want to stick around and investigate.  The longer a visitor stays on your new website, the better the chance they will buy...plain and simple.

When you contract with Next Advantage Coaching, you get:

  • A website that is appealing to look at
  • Thorough On-page optimization for search engines
  • Navigation that is nice to look at, but also simple to understand
  • Just the right mix of high quality graphics, photos, slideshows, galleries, videos, and other special effects to entice your viewers to stay for a while...and convert!
  • Content that creates the need to investigate further

In a nutshell...  a website that produces results!

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